Exterior Painting Services

When done properly, exterior painting can help preserve the value of your home by protecting it from wear and tear and the elements.  Monark Painting  Co. takes a 5-Step Process approach to caring for and preserving your exterior paint job.

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The 5 Step Process we use for Exterior Painting:

1 Clean:

As per your proposal, areas are either powerwashed or hand washed to remove dirt and mildew.

2Surface Preparation
Based on your proposal, all loose paint is scraped away and all glossy surfaces are scuff sanded. All gaps are caulked to prevent water intrusion.

3.  Paint
Repaired areas are primed, and premium quality paint is applied to a uniform finish. 

4. Clean
Cleanup is done daily, as well as at the completion of our work. Paint chips are removed and all our materials are packed up and stored neatly.

5.  Inspect
After our own inspection, you are invited to walk through our work with the crew leader and inspect the completed project.  We will answer any questions you may have to make sure you are completely satisfied with the job.